August 17, 1999

Professional Services Agreement
Basic Information Form

The following information should be provided to Business Services, (341-4122) well in advance of proposed work to allow staff in that office to prepare a contract for professional services with companies or other organizations.

After the contract is prepared, approved, and signed by an authorized official of the University, Business Services will retain a copy  for their file and forward to the originating department to obtain signature from the company performing the service.  The company will retain a signed copy and forward back to the department.

It is then the originating department’s responsibility to retain the fully executed copy for the length of time required by the University’s records retention policy.

A fully signed copy of the contract will have to accompany the voucher for payment.


NOTE: Consulting agreements with individuals are to be handled as Independent Contractor/Consultant agreements (see Independent Contractor/Consultant Process).

  Please fill in your responses below
1. Name and Phone Number
of Missouri S&T Contact Person with knowledge of the proposed agreement

Your e-mail address:

2. Complete Legal Name
of business/organization and address
3. Term of the Contract

(Beginning/Ending Date)

Are there any options to renew for additional periods of time?

4. Source of Funds for Payment of Services.

(unrestricted, grant, gift, etc.)

If payment is from a grant, please provide project number.

5. Scope of Work
What are they to do and when is it to be done? Specifications of work to be performed should be detailed enough to ensure that exactly what is to be done is clearly understood by both parties. The scope of work should indicate any deliverables and a schedule of when the tasks or deliverables are to be completed if other than the ending date. Are any reports to be submitted? If so name of report and due date.
6. Reports
Describe report or reports that are required from the business or organization and when they are due.
7. Fees
How much is Missouri S&T to pay the other party for performing the work? It is highly recommended that either a total fixed amount or not-to-exceed amount is used. Hourly rates may be stated but a not-to-exceed total number of hours or dollars should also be included.
8. Expenses
If Missouri S&T is agreeing to reimburse miscellaneous expenses such as travel, mileage, airfare, lodging, meals, telephone, photocopy costs, etc, this fact should be mentioned in the agreement. It is common to indicate that such expenses will be reimbursed upon submission of an itemized invoice with the total amount reimbursable not to exceed a stated amount.
9. Itemized Invoice
from contractor should be mailed to what Missouri S&T address?