The general scope of responsibility of Finance and Administration Services includes the administration, management and planning of the operating departments. Although overseeing the administration, management, and planning of the operating department is of prime importance, a potpourri of staff duties must also be accomplished on a continuing basis.

 A sampling of the required staff duties would include:

  • the purchase of real property for campus expansion,
  • the management and administration of the campus insurance program,
  • execution authority for delegated contracts and agreements
  • plus the myriad other duties required in the successful operation of an extensive organization.

The purchase of real estate is time consuming and requires obtaining independent appraisals, contract and document preparation and obtaining approval through the Board of Curators. The campus insurance program requires an expenditure in excess of $300,000, which requires an extensive production effort in reallocating costs to various departments.

 Contract and agreement administration covers a multitude of areas, some of which are:

  • Athletic Agreements,
  • Use of University Facility Agreements,
  • Performance Agreements,
  • Broadcast Agreements,
  • Royalty Agreements,
  • Donation Agreement,
  • Service to/from State/Federal Agencies, et al.

In addition to insuring the orderly operation of Finance and Administration's units, long range planning aspects of the unit and campus must be addressed. A considerable amount of time and effort is required in assisting with the planning and preparation of the Capital Budget. It is essential that the campus develop and implement an orderly structure for the growth and maintenance of campus buildings and grounds. Detailed analysis must be an ongoing concern to create and maintain a scholarly environment for students, faculty, staff and University guests.



Cuba Plain
 Interim Vice Chancellor, Finance and Operations
204 Parker Hall
300 W. 13th Street
Rolla, MO 65409-0820