Speaking Agreement

The following information should be provided to Business Services, (341-4122) well in advance of proposed work to allow staff in that office to prepare a contract for a speaker.

After the contract is prepared, approved, and signed by an authorized official of the University, Business Services will retain a copy for their file and forward to the originating department to obtain signature from the speaker. The speaker will retain a signed copy and forward back to the department.

It is then the originating department’s responsibility to retain the fully executed copy for the length of time required by the University’s records retention policy.

A fully signed copy of the contract will have to accompany the voucher for payment.

If the speaker is currently a University of Missouri (any UM campus) employee, payment is made on an additional pay form (UM 271) and a speaking agreement is not to be used.

  Please fill in your responses below
1. Name and Phone Number
of Missouri S&T contact person with knowledge of the proposed agreement.
2. Complete Name and Address
of speaker.
3. Date and Time
of speaking engagement (month-day-year) time - (am-pm).
4. Topic or Title of Speech
5. Will Admission be Charged?
6. Length of Speech
7. Location of Speech
building name, room number/name.
8. Special Conditions
luncheon meeting, questions and answers any travel expenses to be paid by the University.
9. Fees
Amount University agrees to pay for services of speaker and MoCode that will be used to pay for services.